Karbon Peeling, Carbon peeling is a skin treatment method that eliminates many skin problems by applying with a carbon mask and high laser shots. It is preferred in following skin issues; lightening the skin, removing color differences, tightening pore, oily skin irregularities, stain problems, age-associated wrinkles, and anti-aging treatments. Carbon Peeling can be applied to anyone who does not have an allergic issue and disability for laser applications. .

What are the features of carbon peeling?

- It balances the oil ratio on the skin.
- It tightens the enlarged clogged skin pores.
- The fine wrinkles on the skin representing the aging symptoms are eliminated,
- Provides a bright and dynamic appearance by skin rejuvenation.

How is carbon peeling applied?

To obtain the required energy form at its highest level, the carbon mask is applied as a thin layer and left to dry. It is ensured to evaporate together with the carbon by high laser shots. Collagen increases are triggered by the heating process, and elasticity is regained. After the treatment, which is applicable at all seasons, it is highly recommended to use high factor sunscreen for prevention. The treatment cure is applied at 1-2 weeks intervals and between 4-10 sessions, depending on the person and requirement. When it is applied regularly, it is ensured that the effect of the application lasts a long period and to be completed most efficiently. If it will be applied for skin spots called "melasma" that develop due to hormonal effects, the session intervals may be kept a little longer. The carbon Peeling treatment method can last for 1.5 years.

When does carbon peeling show its effect?

The treatment, which provides noticeable enlightenment and balancing on the skin even after the first session, begins to reach its final result starting from the 3rd month after regular applications. The results of the treatment, are clear completely and reach the highest final stage by the 6th month, and becomes permanent for 1.5 years.

Does carbon peeling have any side effects?

This application has not any serious side effects. After the procedure, a slight pinking of the skin can be observed and returns to normal within a few hours. In exceptional cases, temporary edema may occur after application, especially in patients with urticaria, and this rare situation will lose its effect after 1 hour.