The buttocks region has connotations of fertility, wealth, power, and sexual allure within our social subconscious. Nowadays, buttock beauty has become an essential factor of an attractive body perception with the impact of written and visual communication tools. Even though, beautiful buttocks have become one of the most top listed current aesthetic issues in recent days. The majority of women are willing to own a lifted, high, full, well-rounded, smooth, and attractive buttocks. Since this region consists of many muscles, primarily with help of diet and regular sports activities a solution should be generated. In case of insolvable situations, gluteoplasty will provide a solution for you. People lose their self-confidence among loss of elasticity due to age, fattening with weight gain and loss, it's sagging, showing a flattened appearance, being smaller than normal, or a melted buttock over time. Gluteoplasty provides a solution for all these. It is ensured to regain an aesthetic appearance with surgical operations.

Surgery selection

It is very important to choose a surgeon who is specialized in gluteoplasty, as we have stated in all aesthetic operations. You should be able to explain your requests clearly and define them explicitly to your plastic surgeon. In buttock aesthetics, while the volume is being arranged your operation should be planned by taking into account the harmony with the hip area.

Techniques used in gluteoplasty

In gluteoplasty, there are many types of operations selected by the physical conditions and expectations of the patients. For larger and high buttocks, liposuction, fat injection, buttock implants, mesh, and buttock lifting techniques for excessive skin are applied. The method will differ according to the type of deformation. To give a fuller appearance to small sizes, buttock implants are being used. Besides, the buttocks which require less volume increase are formed by the fat injection technique, where a solution is produced by injecting the fat taken from the excess area into the buttocks. For high-volume buttocks, excess fat is removed with liposuction, If there is an excess skin structure, the skin is lifted upward from the area between the buttock and waist. However, all of these operations will be decided by your plastic surgeon according to the type of deformation.

Buttock augmentation and buttock lift surgeries

In buttock augmentation operations, silicone prostheses are preferred in patients with high tissue loss. These prostheses to be used are agents approved by health authorities and produced by the anatomical shape of the buttock at the same time. They are inserted into the buttock by opening 3-5 cm incisions. Prostheses are inserted under the muscle or between skin and muscle, depending on the structure of the body and skin. It is not a painful operation, even though it is requested to be protected against any impact or damage for few days and use a corset for two weeks. After the operation, a full and attractive buttock appearance will be achieved. It is possible to enlarge the buttock and lift it also with the method of fat injection to the patient's buttock region. But for this case, the patient must have excess fat tissue to be removed. Patient with a sufficient amount of fatty tissue, fat is removed and injected into the buttock region. It is not a painful operation. The patient is asked to wear a corset for 2 weeks. After the operation, a full and high buttock will be achieved. Mesh technique with medical threads is also used, especially in the buttocks that have sagged as a result of losing too much weight. In this technique, medical slings placed on the buttocks attach to the fat tissues and stretch them upwards. As a result, lifted buttocks are achieved. This technique does not leave any scars, but it has to be repeated in certain periods since it is a temporary method.

Post operation

Gluteoplasty surgeries are operations that take 1,5 - 2 hours. Operations are performed with local or general anesthesia depending on the type of surgery. The patient can start his/her daily life within a week, and after a month, can start on heavy physical activities. There will be scars in operations other than the mesh technique. However, the scar location will be planned by your surgeon in an area that will not be seen, like under the buttock or in an area that will be hidden in bikini and underwear. Anyway, Surgery scars will fade over time and become unnoticeable.